The Process

Some guidelines to help you

A good place to start is my availability for your date.  If I am available, then we arrange to talk further.

For all ceremonies except for funerals I offer a free ‘check me out & ask your questions’ meeting.  This can be in person at a venue of your choice or by phone or Skype.  Technology gives us lots of choices these days.

Once we have agreed to work together I will invoice you for 50% of the agreed fee.  This means we have made a commitment to each other.  At the first meeting we will also agree who is going to do what as we work together on your ceremony.

I will write a draft ceremony and then we work together until we agree that we are complete.  I expect to take responsibility for pacing you through the things that need to happen in a timely way.

What you can expect

  • A professional, well written ceremony – twenty years of ceremony experience
  • Calm, confident and experienced guidance – you relax while I am of service
  • Delivery and presence that matches the ceremony – mood and outfit
  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct of CANZ

Your commitment in return

  • To work with me as fully as you desire, from simple to highly personalised
  • To pay the agreed deposit fee as confirmation of booking (non-refundable)
  • To pay the final payment as agreed and invoiced.


  • As many meetings as you require. These can be at your home, my office, and the venue for walk through/rehearsal or by agreement. 
  • Each ceremony is written individually following interviews and answering of information questions.
  • As many examples and resources as are required will be supplied.
  • Delivery of the ceremony on the day


  • The initial meeting ‘checking me out’ held at my home or agreed venue (or by phone call or Skype if overseas) is free of charge and allows you to make a decision to work with me.
  • Fees are by negotiation depending on venue and the level of service. Please ask me for a base fee as these vary for each type of ceremony.  My fees are + GST
  • Booking is confirmed on payment of the 50% deposit.
  • Funeral fees are usually paid in full, either by the Funeral Directors you are have engaged or by you personally.

 Funerals generally arise at short notice so for funerals I offer two different approaches:

  1. Pre-planning: This is where I work with you, and whoever else you wish to involve, and prepare a draft ceremony ready for when it is required.  Some people like to know that they have been involved in their funeral planning and that they have not left everything to family and friends to do after their death.
    1. If I end up not available for the actual funeral I have a list of alternative celebrants who are able to step in and finish your ceremony and lead it.
  2. As needed, on call.
    1. Funerals are generally one day to one week after death. There are many variations on this.
    2. Therefore, there is a short time to prepare and deliver a good ceremony. Usually we meet on the understanding that I will be your Funeral Celebrant.  However, if after meeting me, you do not want to work with me I would assist with finding you another celebrant.  *this has never happened
    3. I meet with whoever I need to, at a venue of your choice. We talk until I have enough information to write a draft funeral ceremony.  We talk and exchange emails until we are satisfied with the ceremony and are clear about who is doing what.  If required, we have a second meeting in person.
    4. My involvement on the day varies from taking the whole service through to being the ‘glue’, more of a MC, guiding all the different speakers and activities through.
    5. Overall, I make sure that everything we have planned for happens and I manage the unforeseen as need arises!

“My promise is to work with you creating a unique and divinely appropriate ceremony – whatever the occasion.”